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Snow and Ice Management

Keeping your staging areas, roadways and sidewalks clear and safe is what we do.

During the unpredictable winters of Eastern Ontario, VS Landscape Group takes pride in being the trusted snow and ice management solution for hospitals, 24hr Government of Canada facilities and businesses.

While our first concern is safety, we also make sure to maintain the same high standard for the small details as we do during the summer months.

Always Prepared For The Harsh And Unpredictable

Making sure the Parking lots and Pathways are safe to walk at any time is essential to have safe and welcoming access to your business.

Prepared for any weather.

Eastern Ontario is known for its extreme weather patterns, being prepared is always safer and more cost effective than reacting to an unexpected mess.

Snow events.

Snowy days in winter require a reliable and effective snow management system to keep your parking lots and pathways clean, safe, and welcoming. We tailor our services for each site so no matter what the weather your property will be safe and clear.

Looking good isn't just for summer.

It is easy to forget about the looks of your property in winter when you are primarily concerned with safety. Small details such as clearing the snow in straight lines along the edge of your walkways and parking lots can make a world of difference.

Landscape Management

We understand the importance of a great first impression and take pride in keeping your properties looking their absolute best.

The smallest details to your maintenance routine makes a world of difference. Having the edges of walkways trimmed evenly, dead branches pruned from your trees and an effective weed control system in place is often overwhelming when you are trying to manage a business.

Hiring an experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable grounds crew can give you peace of mind to focus on other priorities in your busy day.

Routine Maintenance And Safety Go Hand-in-hand

Thoughtful planning for any weather and attention to the little details is necessary to maintain a safe and inviting property where you can always be proud to welcome your clients.

Year Round Grounds Maintenance.

Freshly mowed lawns, edged walkways, swept parking lots and vibrant flower beds are an integral part of setting a good first impression.

Cleanliness is key.

Maintaining a clean property goes a long way towards setting a company culture you can be proud of. Studies show that if the work environment is clean and organized productivity increases and stress decreases.

Green Space.

Having a well kept outdoor space is important for everyone in your organization. A few minutes outside with in the sun is a great way for employees to recharge.